Not any ovaries,
ever again.

Ovarian cancer spreads fast. That’s why we’re not wasting any time. Join us in quickly funding the research to end low-grade and borderline ovarian cancer.

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Why we’re here.

Every ovarian cancer patient deserves the right care — and doctors
and researchers need the resources to provide it.


1 in 10 people diagnosed with ovarian cancer is under 45.

There are two rarer, less understood types that often affect this demographic: borderline and low-grade serous. But there’s very little research and funding into these — your donation can change that.

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The average survival rate for low-grade serous ovarian cancer is 9 years.

It’s notoriously hard to detect, and even harder to treat — mostly because there hasn’t been enough research.

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There are currently NO proven drug treatments.

Besides a surgery developed decades ago that often involves removing the entire reproductive system (resulting in early-stage menopause and fertility loss), there are no tests to detect ovarian cancer, no FDA-approved drug treatments to manage it, and no vaccines to prevent it. In fact, there’s hardly any research about borderline and low-grade serous ovarian cancer at all. Help us change that.

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We know because we’ve
been there, ourselves.

We saw first-hand how little ovarian cancer research and treatments are out there, and how painfully slow the process of getting the right diagnosis and finding treatment options can be — especially when there’s no time to lose. Our co-founder Emily survived, but the journey wasn’t easy. That’s why we’re so committed to changing things.

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Self-advocacy shouldn’t be the only way to survive.

Whether you’re experiencing symptoms or you’ve recently received an ovarian cancer diagnosis, it’s hard to know what to do next. So we put together some resources and guides to help.

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We are funding critical research and trials to develop better care for low-grade serous and borderline ovarian cancer.
But we need your help.

100% of donations go directly toward ovarian cancer research.

When you donate to us, you’re directly funding a trial — and nothing else. Not our salaries, not fancy galas. Just research. We’ll even pay back your credit card processing fees. We’re that committed to getting your donations to front line researchers without red tape, delays, or unnecessary bureaucracy.

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Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
“Pivotal breakthroughs can only be accomplished when many dedicated individuals join together with compassion and purpose — brilliant scientists, world-class caregivers, and loyal partners such as you.” Laurie Glimcher, MD - President and CEO
Mount Sinai Medical Center
“We are grateful for the philanthropic support from NTO for backing our ongoing endeavors to advance research, encourage collaboration, and support novel ideas for ovarian cancer.” Max Sklar, SVP & Chief Development Officer

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