Our story

Our Journey

When Emily was told she might have ovarian cancer, she and her husband were lost. By the time they had received this news, they had spent weeks being turned away from several doctors with no clear diagnosis.

At this point, she had brought herself into the ER, where she was admitted to the hospital. It took a multitude of phone calls to fight for appointments, lots of research online, fighting through long, overdrawn processes and red tape, and even hand delivering medical specimens for them to find the right diagnosis and next steps.

Now, with a diagnosis and surgery behind them, they’re committed to helping others going through the same. No one should have to do what they did, ever again.

Who This Impacts

Ovarian cancer, as most know it, typically impacts older people. But borderline and low grade serous ovarian cancers affect those who are younger, commonly found in people ages 18-45. Because of gender-based medical gaslighting and lack of education, symptoms are often overlooked until it’s too late. And for those that do survive, treatment options are extremely limited and unproven.

Where We Focus

Not These Ovaries is here to help those diagnosed navigate the complicated process, while funding the research and trials needed to speedily improve diagnosis and survival rates.

Our Mission

Committed to putting 100% of donations to work, our mission is to move fast to fund clinical trials and support frontline researchers — catalyzing annual improvement to end Ovarian Cancer while providing patients with the information they need.

Our Vision

We envision a world where Ovarian Cancer is no longer a life-threatening disease — where early detection is easy and innovative
treatments are available. A world where patients and their families can receive the best possible outcomes.