Not just another nonprofit.

We’re a team of really passionate people working to make an immediate and ongoing impact for better ovarian cancer detection and treatment.

Prioritizing the least prioritized.

By focusing on the rarer forms of ovarian cancer — the ones with almost no research behind them — your donation can move the needle on survivorship, faster.

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100% of donations go directly toward the research.

Your money isn’t funding fancy events or confusing initiatives.
It’s not even going toward our pay checks. We’re committed to complete impact, with complete transparency every step of the way.

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Moving fast. Actually fast.

Ovarian cancer can go from Stage 1 to Stage 4 in less than a year. So why does it take 5+ years to get research funding to the actual researchers? By prioritizing speed to funding, donation dollars are going directly to research.

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No bias here.

Except toward patients who just want speed and answers.
All information is completely unbiased, provided in partnership with the leading cancer research centers and hospitals.

How it all started.

Giving and getting an ovarian cancer diagnosis is long, complicated, and painful. We know because we went through it ourselves.

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